• Crowdsourced community support in Trump's America

  • Additional Resources

    Handy Tools

    • Call Them In: Collaborative network  providing Americans with a direct and immediate means of making their voices heard by their government. Supplies all relevant research/numbers/scripts for calling your representatives (+ email reminders for you!)

    Ongoing Projects

    • 10 Actions / 100 Days: Join Women's March organizers in taking concrete actions

    • Swing Left: Find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest swing district ahead of 2018 midterm elections

    • Shall Not Perish: Join the group of people across the US who have committed to a weekly letter writing campaign to US Senators with the goal of continuing for 1 year

    • Track Trump: Cataloguing Trump's promises to the American people, and tracking fulfillment of those promises

    Helpful Resources

    • If you are an attorney/law student, look into becoming a National Lawyers’ Guild Legal Observer. Legal observers are trained representatives of the legal community who attend public demonstrations and protests where there is a potential for conflict between activists and law enforcement

    • If you are an attorney in NYC, Newark, DC, LA, Chicago, or Miami, complete this form to volunteer to support refugees arriving at US airports. (from the International Refugee Assistance Project, more information about this here). If you live elsewhere, complete this form to volunteer for airport triage in your city

    • If you plan on protesting, find your local NLG chapter here--many chapters offer hotlines to help pair you with an attorney/get you out of jail if you are arrested

    • If you are queer/trans and need to get medical arrangements in line before January, check out this handy guide (not made by me or anyone I know, but the author's contact information is on the doc, should you have additional questions!) for information

    • If you are an undocumented immigrant, know your rights! The National Immigration Law Center has prepared this handout, in addition to several resources in Spanish. The ACLU has a wealth of information on this, as well. You can additionally search for pro bono legal service providers in your state here and here


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